Monthly Archives: March 2010

Colin Miller: Acceptance

Colin Miller is a successful physiotherapist who operates his own sports clinic in Vancouver.

Rob Mader: Take The Love That She Shows You

Rob works as an accountant for a media company in Toronto, Canada. He has just turned 40 and feels it’s time to look for a new direction in his life.

Kirsten Smith: I Wasn’t There For Work

Kirsten Smith is a registered Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine with a private practice in downtown Toronto.

Metsa Niwue: Connecting People with the Invisible World

Metsa Niwue (François) is the senior Western apprentice to Guillermo Arévalo and a curandero in his own right.

Ronin Niwe: Take The Spirit of the Plant With You

Ronin Niwe (Dave) is from British Columbia, Canada. He has been an apprentice of Guillermo Arévalo for the past seven years.