Written, Produced and Directed by
Richard Meech

Director of Photography
Derek Rogers csc

Chris Cassino

Music by
Eric Cadesky and Nick Dyer

Production Manager
Deborah MacDonald

Executive Producers
Richard Meech and Jerry McIntosh

Executive Producer, VisionTV
Joan Jenkinson

Story Consultant
Allen Booth

Video Post-Production

Online Editor
Dan Johnston

Assistant Editor
Yuval Sagiv

Sound Mixer
Richard Spence-Thomas

Sound Recordists
Mario Rivas
Ian Challis
Patrick Brereton

Production Accountant
Robin Mader

Business Affairs
Del Mehes

Visual Research
Elizabeth Klinck

Head of Contracts, Rights & Distribution, VisionTV
Colette Johnson-Vosberg

Title Graphics
Alex Bulzan
Ervan Cunanan

Special Thanks to:
Curanderos: Dave, Francois, Guillermo

Participants: Kirsten Smith ND, Rob Mader, Colin Miller, Nina Fields

Experts: Gabor Maté M.D., Dennis McKenna PhD, Kenneth Tupper

Everyone who helped in Peru and other parts of the world including:
Geza, Lori, Phoebe, Sonia, Ricardo, Enrique, Tamara, Kip, Roland, Christopher, Sasha, Brooke, Melissa, Paul, Kelly, George, Miguel, Darrel, Chris, Jeff, Simone, Jo-Ann, Ann, Sophie, Andrea, Buffy, Nicolett, David, Nina, Paula.

And for excellent advice along the way:
Tara Jan, Michael McMahon, Robert Lang, Louise Rosen, Terry McKeown, Robert Sandler

Archival footage provided by
Courtesy Nasa/JPL – Caltech
Getty Images
Mark Ellam

Richard Meech