Richard Meech, Vine of the Soul

Richard Meech, president of Meech Grant Productions Ltd., has 20 years experience as a documentary filmmaker and television producer.

In 2010 he released Ayahuasca Vine of the Soul, a one-hour film about ayahuasca, the sacred psychoactive medicine from the Amazon that is changing modern lives.

Meech was the creator of the internationally acclaimed series Millennium: Tribal Wisdom and The Modern World. He and his partner, Michael Grant, produced and directed the epic cross-cultural anthropology series of 10 one-hour films seen by over 70 million viewers worldwide.

The [email protected] Award-winning series (Global, PBS and BBC 1993) also won two Geminis, a silver Hugo Award (Chicago) and the gold medal at the Houston International Festival.

In 2000, Meech directed the one-hour documentary film, In the Shadow of a Saint, which explored writer Ken Wiwa’s struggle to come to terms with his father, the late Nigerian activist and martyr, Ken Saro-Wiwa. The film (CBC Newsworld and BBC) received two Gemini nominations and won Honorable Mention at the Hot Docs Festival 2001.

In 2003, Meech was the producer and writer for two hours of a 13-part series for National Geographic Television called, Doctors Without Borders: Life in the Field. The documentary verité series profiled volunteers from crisis zones around the world.

Richard Meech lives in Toronto, Canada. He graduated cum laude from Harvard University and was the recipient of a Rotary International Scholarship for graduate study at the Sorbonne, University of Paris.

Director’s Statement about Ayahuasca Vine of the Soul

When I set out to make my documentary Ayahuasca Vine of the Soul, I had two intentions. Firstly, to awaken viewers to the possibility of a direct experience of the divine through the ceremonial use of ayahuasca, a sacred plant medicine used for this purpose in traditional Amazonian shamanism. And second, I wanted people to see firsthand to what degree the insights and joy that arise from such encounters can be integrated into daily life.