An Evolver Toronto Evening


Went to an Evolver Toronto meeting the other night to watch Daniel Pinchbeck’s documentary “2010:Time for Change”.

It was actually quite good – full of new and old (but still relevant) ideas for social and personal transformation – but with a minimal amount of scolding for the world we have made. As the Hopi elders say, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” It’s time to get started.

That’s what these Evolver groups are all about – getting like-minded folks together to create a saner world and have fun doing so.

Our meeting was in a yoga studio – actually the main floor of a Victorian house – and over 60 people jammed into the space on the floor watching the film projected on a sheet hanging from the ceiling.

It was the perfect antidote to the normal cinematic experience. Sitting cheek by jowl you can’t help but meet each other, start chatting and have some laughs.

There was definitely a West Coast kind of vibe – nice to discover in urban Toronto – many people interested in non-ordinary states of consciousness and spiritual journeys as part of the larger transformation. A big interest in learning more about ayahuasca.

So when Andrew and Dee, the organizers, asked me if I would like to screen “Vine of the Soul” at one of their next meetings, I said yes. Of course.

Stay tuned for a date and meet some interesting others…..

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