Art Exhibit Investigates the Legendary Psychotropic Plant Ayahuasca

New York gallery, Feature Inc. will host visual artist Jesse Bransford for a series of discussions on his exhibition, “The Jungle (for Norma),” which opens April 8th.

“The Jungle (for Norma)” investigates the legendary psychotropic plant ayahuasca and his experience with that plant as guided by Norma, an Amazonian curandero (healer, shaman). He examines the indigenous culture and the plant(s) and their properties both scientifically and visually. As well, his personal experiences and visions from the trip, along with their following repercussions are chronicled in this body of work.

The discussion, “A Jungle of Signs” takes place May 9th at 5:30 PM with Jesse Bransford and (fellow artist) Karsten Krejcarek. It will be followed by a lecture and reception with Michael Taussig (Dept. of Anthropology, Columbia University).  Taussig will be discussing aspects of Latin American Ayahuasca-based Shamanism and its historical interface with Western magic.

In 2007, Jesse Bransford and Karsten Krejcarek spent time in the city of Iquitos, Peru and the surrounding jungle. Since returning, both have spent much time trying to articulate what exactly happened there. In a public conversation they hope to further elaborate on the experiences in relation to their art and art making in general. Topics will include globalization, adventure narratives, monkeys and telepath.

JESSE BRANSFORD – “The Jungle” (for Norma), works on paper
Opening reception: Thursday, April 8, 6 – 8 PM continuing through Sunday, May 9
FEATURE INC., 131 Allen St., New York, NY 1002, USA


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