Dr. Dennis McKenna: Spirituality and Health

Dr. Dennis McKenna is one of several experts to speak on the link between spirituality and healing in the documentary Vine of the Soul: Encounters with Ayahuasca.

Here is a short text excerpt from one of his interviews:

“The notion that there is a spiritual component to healing has been totally excised from biomedicine. Spirituality and healing? What does spirituality have to do with healing? Medicine has understood the mind, the brain, as simply a complex machine. You apply the appropriate monkey wrench to the appropriate place, and you fix it, much like a mechanic might fix a car, and you’re good to go, you know. And it completely misses the point. So this becomes very tricky when you start talking about how are we going to use things like ayahuasca, which have traditionally been sacred medicines, shamanic medicines… How are we going to integrate those into the modern biomedical paradigm, when the existence of spirit and the fact that, you know, spiritual dysfunction can actually manifest as biochemical dysfunctions. How are we going to reconcile those things? “

You can read Dr. McKenna’s biography on our “Experts” page.

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