Colin Miller.

colin miller

Colin Miller is a successful physiotherapist who operates his own sports clinic in Vancouver.

He attended local ayahuasca ceremonies with Ronin Niwe for about a year before going to Peru to do deeper psychological work with the sacred medicine.

When the film team meets up with him he explains that he has been having marriage problems and he’s seeking to understand his own shortcomings.

His wife, Nina, in Vancouver, suggests that Colin is unable to process in a meaningful way the insights of his encounters with ayahuasca – that he confuses the temporary feeling of well-being with a permanent change in his behavior.

Clearly, something isn’t working well between them. But Colin presses on.

“My wife is my soul mate and I really do want to see that relationship reach its full potential. And it can be a rocky road, you know, it’s got its ups and downs, it’s not all bliss.”