Dr. Kirsten Smith, N.D..

kirsten smith

Dr. Kirsten Smith, N.D.

Kirstie is a registered Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine with a private practice in downtown Toronto.

Before entering the medical field she worked as a television and radio producer and an expedition guide in Antarctica and the Amazon. Her professional curiosity about the shamanic use of plant medicines and ayahuasca in particular led her to embark on her journey for this film.

Her goal was to learn how she might incorporate knowledge of ayahausca into her current practice even if it meant sending her clients out of the country for treatment.

“Because if it’s in any way shape or form going be a part of my life, whether academically or in terms of patients, I would never do that unless I myself had been through the experience. From what I understand it really can open up a lot of energetic barriers that everyone has – but I do feel some trepidation around what I will experience and what I might discover about my own energetic blockages.”

Kirstie’s encounter with ayahuasca was not at all what she might have imagined.