Metsa Niwue (François).

metsa niwue (françois)

Metsa Niwue (François)

Metsa Niwue is the senior Western apprentice to Guillermo Arévalo and a curandero in his own right. He helped establish Espíritu de Anaconda and has trained under Guillermo’s supervision for the last 13 years.

Originally from Paris, François now spends most of his time in Iquitos, Peru. He sees his role at Espíritu as helping to guide Western visitors in their healing process — an ability to translate the shamanistic experience for the Western mind.

François credits ayahuasca with helping to rid himself of a heroin addiction and to giving him a new spiritual understanding of life.

Like Guillermo and Dave, François has made a lifetime commitment to the use of ayahuasca within the vegetalista tradition.

“I think ayahuasca has two functions,” says François. “One is self-discovery and trying to understand better who you are. And, also it helps you to connect with the invisible world, the spirit world.”

“It could be related to nature, the meaning of God, having a clearer sense of what it means for you in your life. So it helps you redefine yourself in relationship to that.”