Rob Mader.

rob mader

Rob Mader

Rob works as an accountant for a media company in Toronto, Canada. He has just turned 40 and feels it’s time to look for a new direction in his life.

He has read about the spiritual awakening some people experience with ayahuasca and is hoping his encounter with the sacred medicine might provide him some insight.

He has used recreational drugs for years but is tired of the empty high. He hopes that ayahuasca will be different from other substances and might actually open him up to a new understanding of himself and his place in the world.

To mark this moment, he shaves his head, physically declaring the start of a transformative process.

“I guess my biggest fear is simply just getting high again for two or three days and really not having it come to any fruition. It can’t be anything remotely similar to recreational use. That’s what I’m sick of. And I certainly don’t have to go to Peru to experience it.”