Ronin Niwe (Dave).

ronin niwe (dave)

Ronin Niwe (Dave)

Ronin Niwe is from British Columbia, Canada. He has been an apprentice of Guillermo Arévalo for the past seven years.

Ronin Niwe is in residence at Espíritu de Anaconda at least twice a year for a month or six weeks at a time. Through deepening his knowledge of the plant teachers, Dave prepares himself for ceremonies in Canada and other parts of the world.

“When we drink ayahuasca outside of the Amazon we’re not surrounded by the plants. So it’s also a different experience, but you can still take the spirit of the plant with you,” says Dave.

“I have the spirit of the plants inside me and the spirit of the jungle and I try to share that with people… My intention is to help people in their healing; the healing of our communities here — the healing of the planet.”