Kenneth Tupper: Ayahuasca and Psychedelics Use

Kenneth Tupper is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Educational Studies at the University of British Columbia. He is currently doing research in the field of drug education and policy and is particularly interested in how policy makers should respond to re-emerging evidence of the therapeutic and other benefits of psychedelics or entheogens.

When interviewed for Vine of the Soul: Encounters with Ayahuasca, Tupper has this to say:

“I think the big difference between the use of ayahuasca today and the use of other substances in the 1960’s, is a very strong understanding of the importance of ritual and the ceremonial element in fostering a therapeutic or a spiritual experience.”

“It’s not a party drug in the way that other substances have been used. The wisdom of learning though plants is a cultural tradition that goes back hundreds if not thousands of years.”

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