Author and journalist, Noah Richler, writes about his experience with ayahuasca in this week’s print edition of Maclean’s Magazine. Richler says it was “Vine of the Soul” director, Richard Meech, who first brought the drug to his attention.

Noah Richler tries out the South American drug that’s ‘like 30 years of psychoanalysis in one night’

Here’s a Soundcloud track from Memoske called “Ayahuasca Trip”. A nice bookend to Richard’s interview with CFSI FM Radio.

Soundcloud Track – Ayahuasca Trip by Memoske

Director Richard Meech talks to Li Read and David Gordon of “All Things Saltspring” airing on CFSI-FM Radio, Salt Spring Island, B.C.

CFSI FM Radio – Interview with Richard Meech

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