Oscar Night:


Will Avatar fans head into another funk after tonight’s Oscars?

Members of AvatarForums, the world’s largest community of Avatar fans, aren’t hedging their bets.

A forum thread on “how many oscars would avatar get” has many members less than optimistic about a sweep.

“In my opinion it will certainly take most if not all of the tech awards, but I wouldn’t hold your breath for any actor/actress or Best Picture wins…” says Sylent-Knight.

Sanp Erod is of the same opinion, too: “In spite of the fact that I wanted (because expecially the expression of Neytiri is amazing), I think the best actor and actress perfomance oscar will not go to Zoe and Sam because of the motion capture technique. (I wish they win…) Best picture and director of course!! and Best original soundtrack!!!”

As for us … well, we’re just happy that Mr. Cameron has reawakened an ardour for the beauty and mystery of nature at a time when many people feel our planetary ecosystem is most under threat. That he has chosen the precarious Pandora/Amazon as his location and the indigenous relationship with a sacred tree/plant as the spiritual heart of his story reveals that his concerns have never been too far from our own world.


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