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James Rittenour documents his ayahuasca experience in The Argentina Independent

The lights went out, candles were lit, and one by one, everybody went to the centre of the room, drinking the ayahuasca out of a small glass… I settled once again in my terrestrial coordinates, but my mind blasted

Director Richard Meech quoted in Tune in, turn on, relieve traumatic stress, a Focus feature by Michael Posner, The Globe & Mail,

People are feeling deeply disconnected from their selves, from the natural world and the cosmos.” “Neither traditional religion nor traditional medicine are answering that call.

Noah Richler talks about his ayahuasca experience in Maclean’s Magazine.

For a couple of years, I’d been noticing that a bunch of my forty- and fifty something middle-class friends were raving, sotto voce, about the transformative and even spiritual aspects of a South American drug called a

Author and journalist, Noah Richler, writes about his experience with ayahuasca in this week’s print edition of Maclean’s Magazine. Richler says it was “Vine of the Soul” director, Richard Meech, who first brought the drug to his attention.

Noah Richler tries out the South American drug that’s ‘like 30 years of psychoanalysis in one night’