Thoughts From The Screening On Gabriola Island

Just off the coast of Vancouver Island is the smaller Gulf Island of Gabriola, long known as an arts community with deep roots in healthy alternative lifestyles.

Stevie B, the owner of the Roxy Cinema, jumped at the chance to show “Vine of the Soul” in his perfect west coast ‘Cinema Paradiso’ — 50 comfortable chairs surrounded by decades of movie paraphernalia.

Through excellent word-of-mouth by our good friend Sophie Artaud, the screening was packed, not a spare seat in the house.

Surprisingly, but then again maybe not, the crowd was mostly older — ranging in age from 40 to 70; people from all walks of life who had heard about or had experience elsewhere with ayahuasca.

The film was very well received and the Q&A revealed a sophistication often lacking in larger urban audiences.

People appreciated the fact that the film focuses on the ayahuasca experiences of ordinary everyday folks seeking a greater wholeness in their lives. It resonated with many in the audience.

One woman, a highly experienced ayahuascquero with many years of medicine work in Peru, told me she felt this film was the most accurate portrayal of the ayahuasca experience she had ever seen.

While no film can ever replace the profound personal experience of an actual encounter — how do you depict the ‘ineffable’? — she felt Vine of the Soul” was a true testament to the power of the sacred medicine. I was very grateful for that compliment and told her that it was undoubtedly the medicine working its way through the film.

— Richard Meech

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